Corey El is an American singer, song-writer and music producer.  His enigmatic presence in the world of music is one of wonder and elation for those who have discovered or heard one of the industry's best kept secrets.


With a soulful wisdom far beyond his years and a finger on the pulse of his generation, Corey El lends a fresh perspective to a decades’ worth of musical styles – inspired by the pioneering sounds of pop, R&B and urban music icons such as B. Slade (Anthony Williams II), Kanye West and Michael Jackson, the latter to whom many have likened his reminiscent vocal style.

Soulphistication is the epitome of the Corey El brand – the sound, the soul, the vibe, the voice.   




Born and raised in Virginia, the son of dexterous professional and multi-instrumentalist Carl Lester-El, young Corey knew instantly the power of music to change moods and points of view while connecting people’s hearts and minds on a global scale. With a natural ear for a multi-genre of melodies and grooves, he was able to express himself instantly through singing.


His father taught him how to track on a Casio keyboard, and as soon as he learned to write, he was making his own fully produced songs. As a teenager, Corey was already producing, writing and arranging for local artists and he eventually felt the pull to focus on creating his own original work as the featured voice in the studio. 

With immense artistry he crafts songs with hypnotic melodies, soulful beats and lyrics on life, love and living your dreams. As an entertainer and live performer, Corey El moves to his own beat with his seasoned band The Fam.


As a self professed introvert, Corey continues to experiment with emotion, sound and hearfelt storytelling – creating new ways to grow and express himself. As an independent artist, Corey has already produced and released several projects via streaming sites and YouTube videos giving insight into his creative process.


With the critically acclaimed single / video "7" in  the works and 2021 album on the way, get ready for the Corey El experience.

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